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If you do not live locally, this step-by-step guide will explain the processes to follow to get to your end result.


Email to let us know which procedure you are interested in.


Our Clinical co-ordinator will respond to your mail and request a set of photographs Dr Toogood will need to assess if the procedure you are requesting will deliver your desired outcome.   An estimate of the costs involved and a copy of our pre and post-operative instructions will follow.


If you would like to proceed to booking the surgery.  Contact to arrange a suitable date. It is advisable to book your surgery for the beginning of your stay in Cape Town to allow for the maximum recovery time.  You should be safe to fly home within two to three weeks depending on the procedure you have decided to have.


Our rooms will send you a link to forms, including a medical history questionnaire, we need you to fill in to ensure we can adequately prepare for your arrival.


Once the date has been set, attend to the payment arrangements as specified by your estimate.  The hospital portion of your account needs to be paid within a week of booking to secure your theatre slot.  Payments should reflect in Dr Toogood and anaesthetists accounts a minimum of 3 weeks before the surgical date.  Follow the advice in the pre-operative advice instructions to ensure an optimum surgical experience.


Our admin staff will book a face-to-face consultation with Dr Toogood as soon after your arrival in Cape Town as possible. Dr Toogood and staff will ensure you are adequately informed and prepared for your surgical date which will follow as booked.


The day of surgery. You will need to avoid all eating or drinking a minimum of 6 hours before having a general anaesthetic or conscious sedation.


You will have post-operative visits and phone calls with Dr Toogood and his Clinical co-ordinator as scheduled throughout your recovery period.


If you have elected to have our Rapid Healing program (shortens recovery time by up to 50% – link: – sessions will start at MASC laser clinic at Dr Toogoods consulting rooms after your first post-operative appointment.


It is important to note that if, for whatever reason either Dr Toogood or you decide not to go ahead with the procedure, the cost of the surgery will be refunded less an administration fee and the consultation fee.  Dr Toogood is under no obligation to proceed with the surgery nor is he responsible for any of the expenses you have incurred coming to Cape Town should he decide that operating on you will not be in your best interests or if the information you have supplied has been inadequate or misleading in any way.


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