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Jonathan’s Letter of Thanks

27 November in Uncategorized

  As 2023 draws to a close, I’m forced to pause and reflect on the year that has gone by.  2023 is a year I would not want to relive at any price but as we enter the festive season of thanksgiving and gift giving, I...

Nip it in the bud

30 October in Uncategorized

Dr Toogood describes how breast cancer can affect your nipples.   Most commonly patients tell me they first became aware of a potential problem with their breast health when they felt a painless lump in their breast tissue during self-examination.  Another large group of women I treat...


07 May in Uncategorized

My training in medicine started at Tygerberg hospital where I was an undergraduate at Stellenbosch university from 1990 until 1995.  It is a commonly understood fact that South African doctors graduate with great medical and surgical experience because of the amount of severe trauma patients admitted...