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4 Most life-changing surgeries

04:36 01 March in Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not just about vanity. Some procedures, especially if performed correctly, can lead to truly positive life-changing results. Here are the top four surgeries with the highest satisfaction rating.   BREAST REDUCTION Imagine literally getting a weight off your chest… and your shoulders...

Vaginal Surgery

19:39 10 February in Surgery

  Words like, ‘designer vagina’, vaginal 'rejuvenation’ and ‘labioplasty’ have become part of the common parlance. But what do they mean? Firstly, relax. Your vagina is probably 100% normal and if you ask your partner or gynaecologist, perfect in every way. But what can be done...

My breast cancer story

02:29 08 May in Breast Cancer, Surgery

In December 2013, Jenny Lee Morris – one of Dr Jonathan Toogood’s patients and mother of four – received the news that she has breast cancer. Today she is cancer-free. She shares her story with the readers of JOY! Magazine and testifies why she regards...