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Watch Dr Toogood discuss non-surgical rejuvenation

14:06 06 April in Non-surgical

2022 The Year For You – A small change can make a huge difference

The best aesthetic surgery is never seen.  The hallmark of having had “good” aesthetic surgery or non-surgical improvements is that people don’t comment on the “work”.

Not:  Wow great facelift! Who did it for you?

But rather your friends, family and acquaintances start saying:   

You’re looking well, what’s different? Have you lost weight? Changed your hair?

Then, of course, it’s up to you to confess to a “Tweakment” or not.  

Interested in Botox? Watch this video of Dr Toogood, as he assesses his patient’s face and treats her fine lines and crinkles on the nose to achieve the desired results.