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You asked: What you should be doing for your skin in April?

11:49 18 April in Tips

After summer exposure, your skin may need some extra care to recover from the effects of the sun and other environmental stressors. With the weather cooling down and the potential to not be out and about as much, now would be a good time to step up your intensive in- clinic treatments. A few options to consider are:

-Chemical peels: The use of alpha or beta hydroxy acids to aid in the removal of dead skin cells to target superficial pigment irregularities, uneven skin texture, leaving the skin renewed, refreshed and glowing.  Deeper chemical peels may be considered to further enhance results.  Our MASC therapists will advise you on the best option for your skin concerns.

-Medical needling:  A technique utilising micro-needle punctures to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin.  Combined with potent active ingredients, tailored to your skin, this treatment will assist with signs of ageing, textural and pigmentation irregularities and scarring.  Our needling options vary from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), SCCM (Stem cell conditioning media), AQ GFIT (Growth Factor treatment) and the ‘normal’ needling treatment with chosen active serums.

-Laser:  Our laser platform allows us to select a treatment wavelength suited to your concern, be it sun-induced pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, textural irregularities or vascular issues (fine broken vessels).  The modality used will be determined by the MASC therapist to achieve the desired result. Homecare ingredients to incorporate:

-Vitamin C: This potent anti-oxidant ingredient assists with skin brightening, protection against free-radical damage from environmental exposure and has the potential to stimulate collagen production within your skin.  At MASC, we have a wide range of Vitamin C rich products.

Our favourites are: SkinCeutical CE Ferulic, Lamelle Vita-C Lipid, Obagi Professional C- Serum, Neostrata Vit C+PHA serum.  (All Vitamin C serums are 15% off in the month of April)

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-Vitamin A:  A potent ingredient that assists in reversal of skin-damage, refines skin texture, assists with pigment irregularities and forms a vital part of any anti-ageing routine.

Our Top pics: Lamelle RA serums, Neostrata Potent Retinol Complex, Obagi 360 Retinol 0.5, Environ Original and C-quence ranges.

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-Growth Factors:  Potent collagen stimulating ingredients that will enhance any ant-ageing routine.  Our top sellers: AQ skin Solutions Active serum, Dermaheal range.

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-Supplementation: A healthy body leads to a healthy skin.  Incorporating anti-oxidants and anti-ageing ingredients into your daily routine will not only assist your body but will contribute towards skin health and enhanced anti-ageing.

We’ve seen noticeable results from:  NADplus, Ovelle D3, Pro-Active Collagen, Defiance Collagen. Our therapists can guide you on the best option.

By combining in-clinic treatments with a targeted homecare regimen and suplimentation, you can effectively address post-summer skin concerns and restore your skin’s health and vitality for the autumn season. Book a consultation with one of our experienced MASC therapists to customize a treatment plan tailored to your specific skin type and concerns.